Infrared Body Slimming

Start today and watch those inches melt away!

Stressed about weight gain? You’re not alone – the average person gains 5 – 10 pounds during the holiday season, or 2 – 5 pounds every year as they get older and their metabolism slows down.
But stop worrying! The Infrared Body Slimming Program is your easy weight-loss solution.

Tailor-made Treatments

Rejuvenations Spa and Body Shaping Centre has created a special program of treatments for those who want to slim down and/or redefine their figure. The Infrared Body Slimming Program helps to detoxify and melt the body fat, while beautifying, healing and hydrating the skin. Each treatment package is tailored to specific body-type need.

Infrared therapy, Electrolypolysis, Physiostimulation, Lymphatic Drainage and an application of concentrated slimming/cellulite serum, based on vesticulosus fucus, serve to eliminate toxins, lipids and water from the body through sweating, while helping you lose weight, relax, heal and improve your overall health.

Being in harmony with your body to feel good inside and outside is the objective that you can achieve thanks to the Infrared treatments which help to relieve pain and restore mobility to joints. The Infrared Slimming Program is adapted to provide the right answers to your specific needs. The Program will help you to slim and firm your body while enjoying food. Your slimming program targets the causes of overweight: diet, stress, blood circulation, elimination, and acts on their effects: cellulite, slackening tissues. Targeted treatment program are combined with a dietary food plan.

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