Chinese Herbal Acne Medicine


The term “acne” refers to over 50 different types of skin problems involving the sebaceous glands. Acne is a chronic disorder of the sebaceous glands. While sometimes it seems pimples appear overnight, the development of an acne breakout is actually an extended process that begins at the cellular level. All pimples begin as a blockage of the hair follicle or pore (hair follicles are found over the entire body, with the exception of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet). The result is inflamed pimples. Usually “acne” is loosely used to describe non-inflamed pimples.

Acne is formed when over-active sebaceous glands secrete oil/sebum which clog up hair follicles. Oil on your face is easily infected by bacteria in the air and if a clog appears above the surface of the skin, oil interacts with oxygen in the air and turns black. It’s called an “open” comedo or blackhead. If a clog stays, it is called a “closed” comedo or whitehead.

Even though acne is a minor skin condition, it is persistent and difficult to get rid of. At Rejuvenations, we use one or two deep current machines along with our acne products to kill the bacteria, control the production of oil/sebum, minimize scarring and restore healthy, beautiful skin. To succeed, you must deep cleanse the skin, kill the acne causing bacteria, soften the skin to allow natural draining of acne boils (no squeezing to prevent scarring) and revitalize the damaged skin. Our acne products are made of natural herbal extracts and Chinese herbal medicine.

This three step home-care program will provide you with a complete remedy to your acne problem, giving noticeable results within days:

  1. Facial Wash: The key to treating acne is to cleanse your face regularly.
    Our facial wash when used every morning and night, does:

    • Deep cleanse skin of facial oil and dirt.
    • Unblock skin pores.
    • Kill the acne causing bacteria.
  2. Vanishing Cream used every morning and night for major acne problem: Has Willowbark extracts which soften the corneal layer of the skin and accelerate metabolism in skin cells. It also soften the skin to allow natural draining of acne boils and revitalize the skin to create new growth, to replace scar tissue.
  3. Overnight acne patches used only at night for minor acne problem:
    • Soften the skin to allow natural draining of acne boils.
    • Revitalize the skin to create new growth, to replace scar tissue
    • Gets rid of pimples overnight!

Our all natural plant based Magic Cream, used twice daily helps to heal wounds, cuts, lesions. It can also work on athlete’s foot, psoriasis, skin and nail infections, warts and eczema. Sensitive enough to use on any part of the body including the mouth. It nurtures your own natural defences to help stop bleeding, speed healing and prevent scarring.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to have a monthly treatment/facial done to help totally eliminate acne eruption. Once re-occurrence is under control, other treatment/facials such as Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) peel or Microdermabrasion may be very beneficial for getting rid of pigmentation and scarring.

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