Clayton Shagal Anti-Aging Cream Gel Collagen

Clayton Shagal

Product Description

This product has over the years developed various ranges of genuine treatments for the professional and also for pleasant daily care in your own home.

The purity and undiluted richness of Clayton Shagal facial and body care products and equipment used are varied as well as specific in order to give you well-being, comfort, softness, firmness, tightness and toning.

Your skin will glow with vitality due to the truly beneficial ingredients that stimulate and produce healthier, revitalized and moisturized skin cells.

Clayton Shagal's 99% pure extracts and gels are truly revolutionary products able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but can also diminish scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. Users will notice an immediate tightening of the skin after just one application.