Top 5 Skin Products you need this spring

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As Spring comes into its full blossom, it signals the time for a beauty overhaul. Here are our top Clayton Shagal Skin Care Product picks for seasonal change… #5 - Illumine Cream Spring is an opportune time to revamp your skin car products. While cold months called for heavier moisturizers, its time to switch to…

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A Skin Care Routine as Simple as… 1-2-3

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The simplicity of the Clayton Shagal skin care regime makes it easier for consumers to achieve healthy, supple skin. All it takes to experience changes in the skin are three fundamental steps… Cleansing and preparing the skin Nourishing deep within the skin tissues Locking-in moisture Cleansing and preparing the skin Cleansing the skin is a…

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Put Your Best Face Forward

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Now there are non-surgical solutions to achieving radiant, younger looking skin in just a few weeks… for Acne treatments, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion facials and Non-surgical facelifts. Do you want to repair the damages caused by sun and smoke, acne scarring, pigmentation, age spots, dull complexion, dry and flaky skin and aging? Call us for a…

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